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Struggling with your team performance, difficult team dynamics, lack of clarity or alignment on Team Purpose and Values? Then the Team Transformation Journey can transform your team culture to become a high performance team in terms of effectiveness and performance impact. Both personal and team growth underpin the Team Transformation Journey. Using the Katzenbach and Smith "Team Performance Curve", your team will obtain insight into where you are, and the shift required to become a high-performing team. Using tools such as the Barrett Leadership Team Values Assessment (LTVA) or Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment™ you will be able to measure your team culture and track progress.

"This program will help any team that are working towards high performance. The program enables participants to lower their waterline and get to better understand each other with vulnerability and honesty."

- Marco Peters, Managing Director, Jet Group Aus

How participation in this program will benefit your team?

On a team level, the program enables a shift in consciousness, enabling your team with the necessary tools to become a high-performing team.


  • Alignment around Shared Team Purpose, Vision, and Values

  • Improve levels of trust and collaboration

  • Mutual accountability for team deliverables

  • Greater commitment to each others growth and success

  • Learn to provide growth-focused feedback on a deeper level

  • Improved team effectiveness and performance impact

  • Commitment to move up on the team performance curve

  • Tangible 180-day plan to deliver team priorities

How participation in this program will benefit you as individual leaders?

On a personal level, the program enables a shift in your consciousness, a greater insight into self, and an opening to your unique purpose and future potential.

  • Solve complex challenges from a new perspective

  • Build skills and confidence

  • Become highly self-aware 

  • Learn to shift your reactive triggers

  • Connect and align with your deepest sense of Purpose 

  • Improve levels of trust, influence and, collaboration

  • Learn to coach and provide feedback on a deeper level

  • Understand what it means to live your Values fully

  • Make a bigger difference in your work and life

  • Unlock your business challenges through a higher level of consciousness

Team Transformation 

A typical team transformation program for your team may consist of a staged implementation approach to transform the team culture over a period of 9 - months.

The following is an outline of a typical team transformation program:

Stage 1 - Leadership Team Values Assessment 

  • Engage and interview the team leader 

  • Measure team culture and set baseline using the Barrett Leadership Team Values Assessment (LTVA) or Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment™ (CLA).

  • Leadership team members conduct stakeholder interviews

  • Debrief leader on LTVA or CLA and co-create workshop design and content

Stage 2 - Team Alignment ​

  • Align leadership team around Shared Purpose, Vision and Values

  • Determine the critical team "From-To" shifts that will drive value

  • Establish leadership commitment to team and strategy

Stage 3 - Transforming Self 

  • Transform individual leaders mind-sets to behave in a new way​​

  • Enable leaders with relational and adaptive leadership skills

  • Establish leadership commitment to role model new behaviors  

  • Monthly group coaching and support to leaders in their infield learning and adaptive challenges

Stage 4 - Measure Culture and Adapt

  • Measure team culture using the LTVA or CLA and compare to baseline

  • Adapt team culture transformation effort to align with the desired culture values


"This program is all about positive change, business and personal growth, cohesion and collaboration - the keys to succeed. Ren, you created a comfortable working and learning environment, encouraged positive group and self interaction, it left me wanting to learn more."

- Tony Hutchinson, Director, Jet Group Aus

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