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Team Transformation 

We enable and empower leadership teams to become high-performing in terms of both effectiveness and impact. Working with teams we create purpose-led, values-driven, high-trust teams in which diverse talents flourish to lead business and change decisively.

How participation in our Team Transformation Journey will benefit your team?

On a team level, the program enables a shift in consciousness, enabling your team with the necessary tools to become a high-performing team.


  • Alignment around Shared Team Purpose, Vision, and Values

  • Improve levels of trust and collaboration

  • Mutual accountability for team deliverables

  • Greater commitment to each others growth and success

  • Learn to provide growth-focused feedback on a deeper level

  • Improved team effectiveness and performance impact

  • Commitment to move up on the team performance curve

  • Tangible 180-day plan to deliver team priorities

How participation in this program will benefit you as individual leaders?

On a personal level, the program enables a shift in your consciousness, a greater insight into self, and an opening to your unique purpose and future potential.

  • Solve complex challenges from a new perspective

  • Build skills and confidence

  • Become highly self-aware 

  • Learn to shift your reactive triggers

  • Connect and align with your deepest sense of Purpose 

  • Improve levels of trust, influence and, collaboration

  • Learn to coach and provide feedback on a deeper level

  • Understand what it means to live your Values fully

  • Make a bigger difference in your work and life

  • Unlock your business challenges through a higher level of consciousness

A typical team transformation journey for your team may consist of a staged implementation approach to transform the team culture over a period of 9 - months. The following is an outline of a typical team transformation program:


"This program is all about positive change, business and personal growth, cohesion and collaboration - the keys to succeed. Ren, you created a comfortable working and learning environment, encouraged positive group and self interaction, it left me wanting to learn more."

- Tony Hutchinson, Director, Jet Group Aus

Stage 1 - Leadership Team Values Assessment 

  • Engage and interview the team leader 

  • Measure team culture and set a baseline using the Barrett Culture Values Assessment (CVA) or Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment™ (CLA).

  • Leadership team members conduct stakeholder interviews

  • Debrief leader on LTVA or CLA and co-create workshop design and content

Stage 2 - Team Alignment ​

  • Align leadership team around Shared Purpose, Vision, and Values

  • Determine the critical team "From-To" shifts that will drive value

  • Establish leadership commitment to team and strategy

Stage 3 - Transforming Self 

  • Transform individual leaders mind-sets to behave in a new way​​

  • Enable leaders with relational and adaptive leadership skills

  • Establish leadership commitment to role model new behaviors  

  • Monthly group coaching and support to leaders in their infield learning and adaptive challenges

Stage 4 - Measure Culture and Adapt

  • Measure team culture using the LTVA or CLA and compare it to the baseline

  • Adapt team culture transformation effort to align with the desired cultural values

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