Leadership and Culture in Organisations

“Organisations don't transform, people do." - Richard Barrett

"Culture" Work supports organisational leaders to foster, embed and manage value-based, high-performing cultures within their workplaces, thereby unlocking human potential through values. 


My approach in summary:


  • Collaborate and co-create with my client to develop a phased culture transformation programme that aligns with my client's unique business needs.

  • Apply the philosophy of "less is more", delivering sustainable transformation, at minimal business interruption.

  • Link leadership development and culture with the organisation's vision and strategy, by focusing on the critical "From-To" shifts that will drive and deliver significant value.

  • Apply the latest leadership and culture research, methodologies and frameworks in the programme development, design and implementation to ensure success.

  • Measure and manage organisational culture and values using the powerful analytics of the Barrett Values Centre®.


Culture Transformation Program 

A typical programme consists of a staged implementation approach, to transform the whole of the organisational culture over a period of nine to 12 months.

​On a meta level, a typical programme consists of the following:

Stage 1 - Organisation-wide Culture Assessment 

  • Measure culture and set a baseline using the Barrett Culture Values Assessment (CVA)  

  • Collect qualitative data through Deep Structured Interviews (DSI) and focus groups   

  • Debrief leadership on CVA and DSI, and emerge the Change Story 

Stage 2 - Team Alignment ​

  • Align leadership team around Shared Purpose, Vision and Values

  • Determine the critical "From-To" shifts that will drive value

  • Establish leadership commitment and energy to lead the Change Story

Stage 3 - Transforming Self 

  • Transform individual leaders mind-sets to behave in a new way​​

  • Enable leaders with relational and adaptive leadership skills

  • Establish leadership commitment to role model new behaviors  

  • Monthly group coaching and support to leaders in their infield learning and adaptive challenges

Stage 4 - Engage Critical Mass  

  • Cascade new values and behaviors​​

  • Make change story personal through interactive cascading to influence the critical mass 

  • Ongoing 2-way communications

  • Symbols, language, and rituals ​

  • Leaders role model new behaviors 

Stage 5 - Structure, Systems, and Process Alignment​​

  • Adapt and align organisational structure, systems, and processes to the new values

  • Establish and leverage reinforcement mechanisms

Stage 6 - Measure Culture and Adapt

  • Measure culture using the Barrett CVA and compare to baseline

  • Adapt culture transformation efforts to align with the desired cultural values

Barrett Data Analytics
The Barrett Values Centre® provides powerful data analytics to enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organisations and the leadership development needs of their leaders. The measured analytical data, once interpreted, provides a clear road map to guide leadership, team, or culture transformation efforts.


For more information on Barrett Analytics follow the link below.

Barrett Model

Renier Smit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is culture transformation?

Culture transformation is the process whereby an organisation becomes culturally aligned to succeed. The culture transformation process begins and ends with the uniquely tailored analytical, management and coaching programmes and processes provided by Unique Leadership Solutions. During a step-by-step process, which takes between nine and 12 months, your business will undergo an organisation-wide cultural transformation. This process utilises the latest proven methods, techniques and tailored solutions to totally transform and align with the cultural mindset of your organisation.

What is the importance of organisational culture?

The importance of organisational culture lies in its uniform approach and adaptation to unique cultural needs and evolution. This incorporates a one-mindset ethos, which is expertly tailored to transform and streamline organisational culture at every level.

Unique Leadership Solutions provides culture transformation programmes and processes that ensure leadership and culture in organisations is uniquely aligned.

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