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About me

Renier Smit
Leadership Consultant, Coach and Mentor

I am ren, I hold a background of 30 years in the mining industry as a engineering professional. As a leader, I have developed and led high-performing teams in maintenance, engineering,

and major projects. My journey in leadership and culture transformation began back in 2004 with AngloCoal and McKinsey & Co.  

During the last 20 years, I have applied transformation tools in my own leadership and through learned experience, stepped into my power as an adaptive and servant leader.

My ginger cat 'Ginny' is my office manager. I am a keen road cyclist, cycad grower and 'The Edge from U2' wannabe guitarist. I am passionate about leadership development and value authenticity. 

My Values  

What sets me apart?

The way I Work is anchored in my values, which enables me to uphold the integrity of my Work as I deliver excellence in Client experience. It is my values that make me unique and set me apart from other pioneers and leaders in my field.


  • I am human, unique in character, open, and vulnerable.

  • I live my core values and purpose with integrity.

  • I am honest in how to best serve the needs of my Clients.

  • I bring the whole of myself to my Work as I live and deliver my purpose.


  • I actively listen to understand and connect with my Clients unique reality and needs.

  • I respond to my clients needs with intent and selfless service.

  • I am respectful of differences and meet my clients where they are.

  • I create a safe and compassionate space for growth to emerge.


  • I identify with my Clients unmet needs and transform fear into courage.

  • I respectfully facilitate open space to challenge the status quo to enable growth to emerge.

  • I step into the learning zone with my clients towards our greatest growth.

  • Me by being vulnerable, demonstrate that challenges is a necessity for growth.


  • We mutually benefit from our collective wisdom and knowledge through learning and reflection.

  • We co-construct unique and meaningful solutions that best suit the business needs.

  • We sustainably transform performance by co-creating the future.

  • I enable my Clients to solve their future complex and adaptive challenges


  • I provide a unique personal Client experience as I deliver my Work.

  • I deliver my Work to the highest standard, integrity, and level of professionalism.

  • I hold myself to account for my Clients success and performance.

  • I continuously seek feedback in order to grow and evolve.

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