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When I first felt the spark of my own personal legend or purpose.

Our life events are like pearls on a string. Reflecting back, twenty years ago as a young engineer I participated in three Anglo Coal Leadership Workshops, facilitated by McKinsey & Co. facilitators of transformation. As a young one, I felt the spark of my own personal legend or purpose, the desire to help others, to facilitate transformation. Looking back on my string of pearls, at my many upsets, the healing and the growth that followed, I Know that life holds an absolute perfection. ‘Life gives us what is most helpful for the evolution of our consciousness’ - Eckhart Tolle, and in the words of Carl Jung, ‘We at times attract experiences to ourselves to make us aware of the restricted parts of ourselves in order to grow’. Comfort or growth we cannot have both, growth is painful yet magical, and journey from ego to Self is painful yet beautiful. From my pearl today, I am able to live my purpose, hold space and help others. My heart is filled with gratitude for every pearl I have ever received, every upset and every opportunity that life has ever granted me. With a Knowing that before we can help others, we need to be able to help ourselves first. And in leadership, before we can lead others, we need to be able to lead ourselves first. Thank you Lisa Doig - Corporate Evolution for taking a chance on me, for showing me my own light.

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