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"Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”
- Rumi


Your business is not performing, customers are leaving, growth is at a standstill - how do you move forward?  

Using solution-focused organisational constellations, I help leaders, teams to resolve complex systemic problems in a very simplistic and time-efficient manner.

The systemic constellation method taps into the invisible field of information within the organisational system allowing a leader to stand in the truth of 'what is' and so obtain a 'felt' experience of the 'hidden' dynamics and patterns active within the system that causes blocks, recurring patterns, resistance or conflicts. This information enables the leader to make meaning of previous unintelligible systemic effects and behavior, providing awareness of the root causes, resolutions, resources, and opportunities that are invisible from the leader's familiar point of view.


Systemic business coaching provide transformative ways to resolve conflicts and resistance, restore alignment to purpose, and enable the successful pursuit of individual or organisational goals.

"Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”
- Rumi

Key Benefits

  • Simplifying complexity - During a constellation session the whole of the system is set up in a simplified and uncomplex manner, allowing the leader to obtain a fresh and clear perspective of their system and the adaptive challenge.

  • Untangling stuckness, recurring patterns, and conflicts - Hidden dynamics in the relationships between different parts of the system are surfaced, enabling stuck or recurring patterns and conflicts to be resolved.

  • Unlocking innovation - By giving a leader a systemic view and the way forward to resolve stuckness in the system, the potential for innovation is unlocked.

  • Stepping into their place - By assisting a leader to step into their place in the “order” of the system,  their sense of belonging and performance is improved.

  • Testing of Ideas -  The systemic effects of important business decisions, strategy, restructure, etc. - can be tested in advance within the system. 

  • Time efficiency - A particular benefit of constellation work is that a leader within a short timeframe of approximately 3 hours can gain awareness of the root causes, resolutions, resources and, opportunities to move forward.

Application Examples


Systemic Organisational Constellations can provide insight into a wide range of issues and organisational challenges, some application examples are listed below. 


  • Decision-making

  • Testing of new ideas, decisions or strategies

  • Strategy definition

  • Business structure coherence

  • Purpose or goal alignment

  • Integration after a merger or acquisition

  • Stuckness or recurring issue 

  • Planned or unplanned change

  • Difficult relationship or team dynamics 

  • Conflict resolution

  • Recruitment decisions 

  • High turnover or absentieesm

  • Leadership coaching


Session Structure


A business coaching session can be facilitated face-to-face or online. 

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