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In my devotion to deliver on my  value of 'excellence' and provide a unique personal client experience, it is with a grateful and humble heart that I share some of my client testimonials;

Systemic Organisational Constellations

"Ren, I want to take a moment to thank you for what you have done. Taking the time to guide me into my own answers without influencing the result, whilst being completely independent, is a true skill. The insight I have gained over only a few sessions has given me the confidence to trust and push forward with what my business is doing. My business has grown so fast, and getting stuck in the now without being on the balcony was holding us back. The steps and processes that came out of the sessions have allowed me to set the strategic direction of the business moving forward."

- Alex Jones, Director, AMM Product Development

"Ren, I found it extremely insightful. For me there were two major factors identified during my business coaching session with Renier. Neither our workforce nor our vendors were aligned with my business strategy. My focus was running day to day activities while meeting our customer expectations.  After our business coaching session, it was clear that I had to employ a General manager that could take over the day to day activities and align the workforce together with our vendors while I could focus on customer expectations (business development) and seeking investors. I have identified a potential General Manager since our session within our business and have engaged Renier to coach him as a way to equip him to align the workforce and vendors with the focus on our business strategy and also ensure that they have a clear understanding of our purpose."

- Johan Klopper, Managing Director, JA Engineering

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

"I can't overstate the impact that Renier's coaching has had on my life. Prior to undertaking the coaching I was a reluctant leader, wracked with self-doubt, and frustrated by my lack of authority. Renier facilitated my transformation to being a self-assurred leader who has embraced my calling. He helped me unlock the power in my voice. This transformation has changed the way I view the world and my place in it. It has improved my relationships at work, at home, and in the community. I recommend this process to anyone who is ready to become the best version of themselves."
- Shayne Ritchings, Director, Jet Group Aus

"I found the coaching process very unique. With the help of Renier I was able to clearly identify not only my strengths and weaknesses, but also develop and enhance my strengths and nurture, and support area's requiring improvement. I came away from the coaching with greater clarity and understanding of myself, providing me with direction to move forward both personally and professionally."

- Tracey Colby, Account Manager, Komatsu Mining Corporation

Team Alignment

"This program is all about positive change, business and personal growth, cohesion and collaboration - the keys to succeed. Ren, you created a comfortable working and learning environment, encouraged positive group and self interaction, it left me wanting to learn more."

- Tony Hutchinson, Director, Jet Group Aus

"Breaking down the barriers between team members and creation of shared purpose, vision and values. I was amazed by how much ground you helped us cover in two days."
- Shayne Ritchings, Director, Jet Group Aus

Purpose for Being - Nature Experience


"I had the opportunity to find my true purpose in nature, this was an extremely powerful experience which gave me a clear knowledge of my purpose and what I need to grow within myself to achieve my purpose.  This was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life, and Ren supported me to understand what I experienced and how to create the change and growth.  He is not only a wealth of knowledge and an expert in facilitation but also is an excellent partner for leadership coaching.  I highly recommend Renier and his Unique Leadership Solutions to companies both large and small.”  

- Tracey Colby, Account Manager, Komatsu Mining Corporation

"I want to thank you for guiding me through the process of discovering my reason for being. I have resolutely believed that my life has a purpose, and have often pondered on it, but until now I have not been able to reduce it to words. To be completely honest, I entered into the Discovering Purpose process open-minded and hopeful, but a little dubious. As I started hiking, I relaxed my mind and focussed on the environment around me.  Before long thoughts started coming to me unbidden.  At times they seemed random, but as I continued walking they started to paint a cohesive picture. I hiked 5km in total, and in that time gained a clear understanding of my unique life purpose.  The trail I hiked was a circuit.  When I arrived back at the junction at the start of the circuit it dawned on me that I had arrived back at the same point I had departed from, but was no longer the same person. This was a very unique experience and one that exceeded my expectations."

- Shayne Ritchings, Director, Jet Group Aus

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